TAWHEED MEDIA CONCEPT began its journey into the media world in 2005 as an alternative to the corporate media on issues pertaining to Islam and Muslims. Since then it has focused on socio-Islamic issues, perspectives and concerns on the local and international world. Thanks to our ever-growing listenership and exchange of ideas, Tawheed Media Concept (TMC) is developing an organization that will offer a wide range of media channels throughout Ghana and beyond, including such services as internet broadcast, radio broadcast, television broadcast, print publications, and research and alternative news services. The establishment of mytawheedonline is the first step in that direction. Through a network of reporters, writers, producers and commentators, TMC offers a growing Muslim alternative to existing programmes and news media on matters pertaining to Islam and Muslims.

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Our Vision
To be the preferred and comprehensive Islamic news channel in Ghana and beyond with the help of Allah

Our Mission
To harness intellectual brains in the establishment of a sound Islamic community by creating the platform for the dissemination of relevant stories and articles that impact the lives of our readers across all communities

Our Goals

  • To offer alternative, unbiased and positive news stories of Muslims, for Muslims and by Muslims
  • To instill the love of Allah (Tawheed) and His prophets in the hearts of Muslims and non-Muslims across the globe
  • To promote peace, harmony, tolerance, self-dignity, morality and guidance in the lives of our consumers from all backgrounds
  • To promote genuine and authentic inter- and intra-faith Dialogue, Debates and Discussions (the 3Ds)
  • To eliminate the misconceptions and stereotypes bedeviling the Muslim communities in Ghana and across the globe

We seek to present local and global news from an objective angle that highlights the perspectives of Muslims in a manner completely free of stereotypes that is commonly presented by existing local and international news media.