Chieftaincy Dispute In Kwesimintsim?

Hon. Buhari Osman

Tawheed Radio – Tension is mounting in the Western Regional town of Kwesimintsim as they prepare to install a successor to the late Zongo Chief, Alhaji Baba Sulaiman who passed away just over a fortnight ago.

As the people frantically prepare for the funeral rites of the late Chief and the installation of his successor, two names have become prominent in the race: Hon Buhari Osman, Assemblyman for the Sabon Zongo Electoral Area, and another man.

A faction in favour of the current Galadima, Buhari Osman, three day ago presented a petition to the Traditional authority of the town led by Nana Egodzi Essoun claiming that their candidate is the rightful successor to the throne.

In the said petition, the signatories requested the divisional authority to suspend the intended enskinment of the other candidate whom they claim is not eligible for the position.

In an interview with Tawheed Radio, Hon. Buhari Osman, a claimant to the stool rubbished the claims made by the three-member caretaker committee which sought to suggest he (Buhari) declined to take up the position when he was approached. “Nobody spoke to me about the installation, I therefore challenge whoever approached me to come out and prove.”

To him, this is a calculated attempt to hand over the skin to someone who is ready to grease the palm of the committee. “I will resist this vehemently. If I fail to take up this position, I would have failed the hundreds of people of Kwesimintsim Zongo who have vested their hope in me for quality leadership.”

According to the Buhari faction, there was an arrangement during the installation of the deceased chief to the effect that in the event of his absence Buhari will be installed as the substantive chief. However, as they prepare to hold the funeral rites and subsequent installation of the Zongo Chief, words came out that the caretaker committee is planning to install someone else to take up the position.

Among other reliefs, the petitioners prayed the Kwesimintsim Divisional Council of Chiefs to call upon the caretaker committee to “adopt all-inclusive attitude to the selection and installation of a new Zongo chief of Kwesimintsim by consulting all tribal Zongo chiefs, Imams and other stakeholders who matter in the affairs of the community.”

When Tawheed Radio approached a key member of the committee, Chief Dauda Wangara, he denied ever having a hand in the selection of any chief. So far as he is concerned, there hasn’t been any deliberation on selecting another man for the position.

On whether there is any agreement to the succession of the deceased chief, Chief Dauda had this to say: “Yes, it was discussed during the installation of the late Chief, Alhaji Baba Sulaima that Hon. Buhari takes over as chief in his absence, but it was never documented.” He added that if they had taken the pain to have it written down, there wouldn’t have been any controversy today.

Chief Dauda took the opportunity to call on all Muslims in Kwesimintsim Zongo to handle the issue with caution so as not to plunge the community into chaos and anarchy.

A representative of the Hausa community on the Concerned Citizens forum, Mr Dawda Kakale hinted to Tawheed Radio that they will never allow anybody to usurp the right of the people. “If the right thing is not done, we will advise ourselves.” He said.

Meanwhile, Tawheed Radio has gathered that a meeting has been scheduled for 9th July by the Kwesimintsim Traditional Authority to delve into the issue and allow sanity to prevail.



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