ASWAJ Elect A New Deputy Western Regional Imam

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Alhassan Mohammed Baidoo and Adil Yunus Wakpenjo


(TARKWA)-Four months after the demise of the late Deputy Western Regional Imam of Ahlussunna Wal-Jama’a, a new deputy imam has been elected to occupy the vacuum left.

After a second attempt of voting, the Electoral Officer for the mini congree held in the Golden City of Tarkwa declared Sheikh Elyas Saeed winner of the two-man race for the position.

The elections which were held over the weekend, were conducted in a very open and conducive atmosphere which left the few observers satisfied.

The constitution of ASWAJ mandates the district imams to select one of their colleagues to occupy the office of Regional Imam or his deputy, therefore the polls were observed in accordance with laid down constitutional provisions.

Before the commencement of proceedings, the Regional Imam, Sheikh Sulayman Muzu, addressed the assembly on the purpose of the gathering. “We are gathered here to appoint a successor to the late Sheikh Abdul Kareem Yusuf.”

He proceeded by outlining the provisions of the Constitution on succession of imams. He also indicated that the Secretary to the National Executive Council of ASWAJ, Sheikh Yakub Shuaib Abban, is a representative to the assembly and should be recognized as such.

The nominees, Sheikh Elias Saeed and Sheikh Habib Yusuf (Imams of Effia and Sekondi districts respectively) were then introduced to the gathering, and Sheikh Abban addressed both of them to consider each other worthy of the position for which reason they should team up for a better administration after the elections.

At the end of the ballots, Sheikh Elyas Saeed emerged the Deputy Imam elect of ASWAJ Western Region.

Sheikh Habibullahi Yusuf, in his submission after the declaration of the results gave thanks and praises to Allah and declared, “May Allah grant us the opportunity to assist our elder brother Sheikh Elyas in the responsibility assigned him by Allah.” This was met with a thunderous applause of “Allahu Akbar!” from all.

In his brief acceptance speech, Sheikh Elyas requested for the support of all his imams to be able to render a better assistance to his immediate boss, Sheikh Muzu.

There were solidarity messages from all the dignitaries who graced the occasion, mostly asking for unity and commitment to continue where Sheikh Abdul Karim left off.

Readers will recall the death of the former deputy imam of ASWAJ for the Western region, Sheikh Abdul Karim Yusuf, which occurred on the 19th of November 2019 in faraway India. He was sent there for kidney transplant but failed to make it thereby leaving a vacuum to be filled.

In a telephone interview with Sheikh Habibullah Yusuf, he had this to say, “I see this as an acceptance of my supplications to Allah, i asked Allah to make this quest a success if it will be beneficial to me in this world and the Hereafter, if not He should let it pass by me.”

He however reiterated his commitment and readiness to accord Sheikh Elyas the utmost support in the quest for seeing a better Ghanaian Muslim community.





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