“We Must Change The Narratives” – Imam Abass

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Ghanaian Muslims have been charged to be the agents of change in order to promote peace and growth in the country.

This worrying issue was addressed by the Deputy Imam of the National Police Mosque, Imam Abass Abdul-Karim, when he took his turn on the pulpit at Cantonments, Accra.

“The narrative of Muslims and Zongo community in this country is nothing to write home about.” He stressed.

Imam Abass reminded the congregation about the Qur’anic verse that stressed on change. He quoted Surah Ra’ad,(Qur’an chapter 13:11), “Allah will not change the condition of a people unless they take the initiative for change.”

There is growing concern about rising antisocial behaviour of some youth within the various Zongo communities. Some of the youth are reported to be engaged in criminal activities against the tenets of Islam.

Instead of being the safe haven for people of all backgrounds, today’s Zongos are gradually becoming dens of cyber criminals, drug addicts and hoodlums.

Imam Abass called on the community to change this narrative.

“Change is one thing, and accepting the change is another,’ he charged.

He went on to remind the young Muslims to work assiduously in fighting against any act of oppression.

In an uncharacteristic animated spirit, the Head of Islamic Belt on Metro TV admitted that Muslims are good people practising the best religion, however, being the best comes with conditions.

“We always tell people that we are the best.” According to him, the Quran is explicitly clear in chapter 3 verse 110, “You are the best community, however if we don’t change the present condition, we are not the best.” He concluded.


Editor’s Note: This khutba was delivered a year ago, but the message is relevant today hence the decision to publish it.

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